Eligibility – deadline is submission via this form no later than 12/15/2022

–     An Application will be accepted from any theatre that is a current paid member of ICTA.

–     Only one application from each theatre may be submitted in each year.  Multiple applications will disqualify all applications from that theatre.

–     Theatres may apply in consecutive years. 

Applications must be submitted via this form by the date designated above, and must include all information and supporting materials as specified on the application form.

Projects described in the application must be carried out within the following calendar year (2023), all projects must be completed on or before December 2023.

Applications not meeting all the requirements of the guidelines will be rejected by the treasurer, and not be forwarded to the ICTA board for review.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to review the application before submission. Incorrectly filed applications will not be returned.

ICTA may award the amount requested or a portion thereof.


–     $500 is the maximum amount that will be awarded to any theatre.

–     Announcements of awards will be made before the beginning of the year in which funds are to be expended.

–     Payments to theatres receiving grants will be made upon submission of evidence of completion.


–     Each application must describe the intended use of the grant funds. 

–     It is suggested that this be a project or special purpose which the theatre could not accomplish with its own operating funds.

–     It is suggested the applicant consider projects, as specific training sessions, which could involve neighboring theatres.


–     Theatres which receive grants will be required to submit a report on the result of their project by the end of the calendar year (December 31).

–     Failure to submit a report waives all rights to awarded funds.

–     ICTA reserves the right to revoke any grant award based on their sole discretion. All decisions of ICTA are final.


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